How to Find the Best Virtual Bookkeeping Service for Your Business

Pilot is a finance, accounting, and tax services firm built for VC backed startups. It integrates with a number of fintech tools (like Gusto, Expensify, etc.) to make it easier to use its services. Yes, you’re free to switch QuickBooks Online plans or cancel at any time. Your bookkeeper can run detailed reports that give you a clear view of your business, so you have the info you need to make informed decisions and feel confident at tax time.

Ask your virtual bookkeeper about deliverables

The cost of bookkeeping services can vary depending on the size of your business and the features you need. Some bookkeeping services charge a monthly fee while others charge by the hour. You can find services for as little as $20 per month while others run thousands per month.

Best for On-demand Reports

You can also lay out your preferences for working together, including communication, availability, and invoicing. Hiring a small business bookkeeper involves a few steps to find someone you trust for the role. Interact directly with your bookkeeper using one-way video and virtual screen share.

How Much Should You Be Paying for Bookkeeping Each Month?

Up-to-date financials allow business owners to make informed budgeting decisions, identify potential tax deductions, and have stress-free tax seasons. Bookkeeping creates financial statements, like your balance sheet and income statement, that hold key information about your cash flow, profitability, and business health. And on the accounting software front, Bookkeeper360 syncs with both Xero and QuickBooks Online. Are you going back and forth with a prospective bookkeeper trying to nail down a time to talk, or do they use a scheduling app? If they’re not efficient about this stage of doing business, this may be a sign that they won’t be efficient once you are a client.

  1. Technological advancements have allowed small businesses to be able to afford the services they need.
  2. Tax and consulting services also aren’t offered, so points were deducted there as well.
  3. Interact directly with your bookkeeper using one-way video and virtual screen share.
  4. While it doesn’t offer many of the advanced tools that other online bookkeeping services provide, it’s easy to use and has a quick setup process.
  5. It doesn’t offer a mobile app or unlimited meetings, so Bench is a better option in this case.

Ignite Spot Accounting: Best reporting

Look at their LinkedIn to see if their past experience suits your business needs. They usually have full teams, so you don’t have to worry about your bookkeeper going on vacation or getting sick. But the top-tier businesses rely on up-to-date books to help maximize profits, minimize costs, and make smart investments. With Bench’s Catch Up a beginner’s guide to operating expenses for small businesses Bookkeeping services, a Bench bookkeeper will work through past months of disorganized bookkeeping to bring your accounts up to date. It will be a lot harder to work with a virtual bookkeeper if you use QuickBooks and they use FreshBooks or Xero. Therefore, make sure you ask them which accounting app they use for their business and why.

Make sure you use the same accounting software

If you’re looking for a bookkeeping solution you can stick with for the long run, Bookkeeper has most bookkeeping features you could possibly want as an add-on. Possible add-ons include payroll services, individual and business tax returns, and financial performance reporting with key performance indicators. In addition to being one of the best online bookkeeping services around, FreshBooks offers 100% compliant tax preparation, taking the stress out of this important but time-consuming process. There are many factors to consider, such as if they can handle the accounting tasks you want to outsource and offer the services you need—at present and in the future—at a cost you can afford. You will also want to take into account which accounting method the bookkeeper uses and how often you will communicate with them.

You may have heard of both bookkeeping and accounting services and wondered if they were the same thing. More questions about accounting software, online tax and payroll services, or anything else to do with bookkeeping services? In more traditional bookkeeping services, it was more of a process to get reports out.

Full-Service Bookkeeping offers dedicated bookkeeping support including cleanup of your past books and ongoing bookkeeping, all done for you. You might be down to a few top candidates by this step in the hiring process. Once your list is narrowed down to qualified bookkeepers who work with your business software, it’s time to meet.

Other questions to consider include whether the service can accommodate your accounting software and if you will require catch-up bookkeeping services. We suggest reading our guide on how to choose a virtual bookkeeper for the step-by-step process. A bookkeeping service can manage your accounting software for you, which takes a lot of administrative work off your to-do list.

Many small businesses enjoy having a dedicated team to handle all of their monthly bookkeeping, and using accounting software is a smart addition. Don’t miss the accounting software resources put together by Nav experts. There are several online bookkeeping services available, but we’ve identified the best in terms of pricing, features, and quality of service.

QuickBooks Online offers Expert Full Service Payroll for an additional cost. QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping offers online bookkeeping services that connect small businesses with trusted, QuickBooks-certified virtual bookkeepers. One of the best reasons to hire a virtual bookkeeper is because, even though you pay a low price, you still get much in terms of services.

If you’re switching from QuickBooks, we’ll work from your closing balances to do your bookkeeping going forward. If you’re not sure whether your closing balances are accurate, we recommend chatting with one of our Onboarding Specialists about Catch Up bookkeeping. QuickBooks, Xero and other do-it-yourself bookkeeping software give you a tool to do your own bookkeeping and taxes. With real-time insights, you can make on-the-fly decisions about where to spend and where to save, helping your business stay on budget.

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